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Why I Make Public Art

Public sculpture is one of the most relatable forms of fine art.   The public can directly interact with a sculpture; they walk around it or underneath it, they touch it, and they see it bare the same elements they do.  I create artwork to translate my imagination into our three-dimensional world.  I also create work that is relatable on a contextual level.   The objective of my artwork is to engulf the public in nostalgia, association, entertainment, and thought.  I create surreal figures out of various materials, generally cast and welded metal, arranged in a calculated, aesthetically pleasing manner in order to illustrate a single moment within a story. My work is vibrant in color and intricate in design.  I believe that making public artwork is a powerful privilege and works of art should be treated with high regard.  My objective is to unite communities with an appreciation for art as a material and as a form of communication.



North Carolina